4 lb Velocity Steel-Case AR Trigger

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Finally!!! A high quality trigger that makes your AR feel like a bolt action rifle.

The Velocity AR Trigger SC version can be used with steel-cased ammo as well as .22

Single Stage Drop-In Trigger
4 Lb Pull Weight
Complete Drop-in Assembly
Nice, crisp, clean feel

*Do Not use with 9mm conversion or any open bolt face

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About the Velocity AR Trigger
Finally!!! A high quality precision engineered AR trigger at an affordable price.
Simply stated, The Velocity Trigger makes your AR feel like a true bolt-action sniper rifle.

The trigger group comes as a pre-assembled housing.
It is designed to be installed into any AR lower receiver.
It drops into your gun easily and no Gunsmithing is required.

These are the steps, we at Velocity Triggers, are taking to give to you the quality you deserve to deliver the next shot as if your life depended on it:

-Every trigger is 100% Made in America
-EDM wire technology and All Tool Steel are used to precision manufacture the trigger, hammer and the disconnect
-They are heat-treated to give you an exceptional lifetime of service
-The housing for the trigger assembly is machined from 6061T6 billet aluminum

But that’s not all…

The housing is then black anodized to provide you with a lifetime of durability.

The trigger is black oxide then hand polished to create the smoothness you desire from an exceptional trigger.

The Hammer and Disconnect are treated with NP3 by Robar to give you the super smooth feel you expect from a high quality trigger.

No doubt about it…

With over 30 years of experience manufacturing and asembling triggers we have learned the processes, metals and treatments to produce a product that will perform with the most expensive triggers out there at half the price. If you have an AR and want to dramatically improve your accuracy order your Velocity AR Trigger today.

Order a Velocity AR-15 Trigger Today

*Do Not use with 9mm conversion or any open bolt face

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