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The Enhanced First Aid Kit is a complete kit that will allow you to handle most non-hospital emergencies and stabilize a number of more critical issues.

This kit was developed through the efforts of a number of ER Physicians, Paramedics, Critical Care Flight Nurses, and Combat Medics.  It will provide the equipment and supplies necessary to support someone with skills up to Wilderness First Responder.

Help stop the bleeding and fix up a nasty boo-boo with Medical Point’s Abroad Enhanced First Aid Kit.

The kit is not just for first responders. It helps anyone help others if they are in an emergency situation. The kit can help with big injuries and also small injuries such as cuts and bruises.

Help save lives by carrying around this reliable kit that offers Adhesive Bandages (to keep wounds sealed), Aluminum Splints (for broken bones), Wound Cleaning tools (to discourage infections), Antiseptic Wipes (for cleanup), and much more.

The kit also comes with a MOLLE-capable pouch that will hold all of the gear.

The Enhanced First Aid Kit is a must-have for every first responder, soccer mom, & survivalist. Buy one kit and keep it in the office, at home, or in your car as part of your 72-Hour Emergency Kit.



(1) Tourniquet (CoTCCC Approved)                                                        (2) Compressed Gauze (wound packing)

(2) Chest Seals                                                                                              (1) Trauma Shears

(2) Emergency Blanket


(1) Aluminum Splint, 36″                                                                        (2) Elastic Bandage, 3″

(2) Rolled Gauze, 4″                                                                                 (1) Coban Roll

(4) Cravats, Small


(1) 60 cc Irrigation Syring                                                                      (1) Tweezers

(1) Forceps                                                                                                (3) PVP Prep Pads

(3) Antibiotic Ointment                                                                         (3) Alcohol Prep Pads

(3) First Aid Burn Cream                                                                      (3) Hydrocortisone Cream

(3) Antiseptic Wipes


(1) Moleskin 2″x5″                                                                              (2) gauze pads 2 x 2

(2) gauze pads 3 x 3                                                                            (2) gauze pads 4 x 4

(2) non-adhering pads 2×3                                                              (2) 5×9 abd pads

(1) adhesive tap                                                                                  (2) oval eye pads

(16) 1×3 cloth bandages                                                                   (3) patch

(3) knuckle bandages                                                                       (3) fingertip bandages

(3) butterfly bandages                                                                     (3) spot bandages

(5) Junior bandages


(1) First Responder Bag                                                                    (1) Field Guide
(1) Duct Tape Roll                                                                              (1) Permanent Marker
(1) CPR Mask                                                                                      (2) Non-aspirin packets
(2) Ibuprofen packets                                                                       (2) Antacid packets
(2) Pain relief packets                                                                       (2) Antihistamine packets
(2) Sinus Med packets


HSA/FSA Eligible


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